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University supplementary applications

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Personal Statement

Columbia International College is committed to helping its students succeed. Our Total Care® team works diligently to ensure that students succeed both academically and personally.

As students begin to prepare their university applications, Columbia has been guiding and supporting them in the preparation of their supplementary university application. Helping our graduates prepare their supplementary applications is very important. With the help of our University Placement Office, our Student Development Office, Academic staff and University Partners®, better understand what is required of them.

Supplementary Applications
Many competitive university programs require students to submit a mandatory Supplementary Application. Students will be required to:
1. Write an essay or personal statement, OR
2. Submit a video relative to a specific theme or question.

The Columbia Advantage 
Our Total Care® team works diligently to ensure students are prepared to write their supplementary application. Throughout the writing process, students are encouraged to meet with members of their support team;

• University Placement Office
o Workshops on writing personal statements
o One-on-one interviews and information on personal video statements for those who are applying to Rotman, Schulich, U of T Engineering

• Student Development Office
o Provide opportunities for students to gain experience- school involvement, leadership positions, community service
o Assist students in appearing in front of a camera

• Academic Department 
o English curriculum changes will incorporate preparing a Personal Statement into classroom learning

• Liaison Department 
o One-on-one meetings to explore past experiences, hobbies and interests which are relevant to preparing personal statements

Students should speak with their University Placement Counsellor to learn more.

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