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Water balloon rumble

By June 18, 2015September 1st, 2015No Comments

Water balloon fight

Dressed in eccentric armour and beaming with confidence, members of Columbia’s staff were ready to take on students to during the annual staff vs. students water balloon rumble!

Staff and students eagerly waited on Ainsliewood’s back field for the game to begin. When the first horn rang, students charged at their teachers and staff members. With staff armed with water guns and students loaded with water balloons, it didn’t take long before both teams were drenched in water. As the rounds continued both sides continued to press hard but were enjoying every minute as suggested by their smiles and laughter.

The water balloon rumble is a popular end of year event. It teaches students the importance of inclusiveness and gives them a fun break from classroom studying. Each year, proceeds from the activity are donated to help a specific cause. This year, water balloon proceeds are being donated to the relief funds for victims of April’s catastrophic earthquake in Nepal.

Thank you to Student Development, the leadership team and all those who participated in the game.

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