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Lifelong Friendships Fostered at CIC Residence

By October 19, 2020No Comments

CIC Residence Living promotes a healthy and happy routine while keeping students safe. More importantly, we take on the responsibility of parents and continue their good work of building moral character for the young men and women.

Kartikeya B is a student from India currently living in one of our residences. He believes that living in Residence supports his learning and helps him stay connected to his friends.

Kartikeya appreciates that he could still use the gym at his CIC residence when gyms worldwide were closed. He said physical activity is crucial for him to keep the right balance, so he goes for exercise 2-4 times a week.

There is always staff supervising, we go in small groups, wear masks and practice social distancing. If people are waiting, we stay for a maximum of 1 hour“. 

He follows the safety protocol closely and is considerate of his and other’s personal health by observing social distancing. He is sensitive to others needing to do work out also.

Kartikeya misses his friends back home but is happy to be around his CIC friends during social events in Residence. When everyone is apart, living in a student residence allows him to keep connected socially. During last week’s movie night he enjoyed burgers together with friends.

The Residence staff becomes friends

Kartikeya has been living in Residence since 2019 and says he knows the staff by their names and counts on their support when he has questions or needs help. He feels safe knowing that there is always an adult staff around to assist.

Developing social and leadership skills

Another special place in the CIC Residence for Kartikeya is the Study Room in Pine Boys.

Helping people is what motivates Kartikeya and that is why he became a peer tutor. Last semester when he signed-up to help other students with English, he met his tutee for the first time. He said it was gratifying to see how he made a difference and helped another student improve his marks. Kartikeya and his former tutee are now good friends for life.

Last week’s Terry Fox walk was another highlight for Kartikeya. As a Prefect, he was responsible for leading a group of 8 students along with one staff, to complete the walk which signifies courage and determination. The evening before, all the prefects went on the 5km walk to make sure they became familiar with the entire route. They were also responsible for reminding the participating students to stay on the right side of the road for physical distancing and checking on everyone’s well being during the walk.

I had to make sure my group was walking together and remaining safe. At some point, I had to ask some of them to wait a bit so the others could catch up. I made new friends in my group.”

Every event and all experiences inside CIC’s residences promote friendship, and many become lifelong friends because they chose to come to CIC for their further studies.

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