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First Aid Training for CIC Students

By January 21, 2021No Comments

30 CIC Students received First Aid Training during the holidays and are now certified in Standard First Aid Level C.

The training took place over the Winter 2020 holiday break in CIC Residences, Pine Boys and Pine Girls. CIC’s Health & Safety Coordinator, Vinnie Santo and Residence Coordinator Helene Taylor administered the two-day training for a group of 15 girls and 15 boys separately.

Skills for Life

Nana is one of our Grade 12 students who joined the First Aid training. She signed-up because she was curious to learn how to save a life!

Nana mentioned that it is not as easy as seen in movies and require a set of skills that she will now remember to use in a real life situation. According to Nana, learning First Aid also helped her become more cautious and aware of her surroundings.

First Aid Certification

All 30 students are now certified in Standard First Aid Level C with AED (Automated External Defibrillator), which means they are trained in both emergency and standard first aid. Emergency first aid covers topics such as: Roles and Responsibilities of a First Aider, Choking and CPR, Medical Conditions, Emergency Scene Management, Wounds and Bleeding, Burns, and Eye Injuries. Standard first aid covers more advanced care techniques such as: the Secondary Survey, Multiple Casualty Management, Chest and Abdominal Injuries, Bone and Joint Injuries, Environmental Injuries, Poison, Basic Mental Health Awareness, and Rescue Carries.

Level C means that they have learned CPR and Choking techniques for Adult, Child and Infants; this is normally the highest level of first aid offered to the general public.

Certification with AED means they also learned how to use and administer an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), which is used during cardiac emergencies such as heart attacks.

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