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“My Experience with Remote Learning at CIC is More Fun than I Thought”

By October 2, 2020October 15th, 2020No Comments

Hanna is a Vietnamese student who joined CIC in March 2020. Her positive attitude and smile brighten everyone’s day in her classes. It is our pleasure to have Hanna share her positive experience in remote learning and how this experience has sharpened her skills, including teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking.

Hanna has been studying at CIC for 6 months now and because of COVID-19 pandemic she is doing remote learning.

Even though it’s online learning, the teaching and learning quality remains the same. I believe this situation brings people closer together. Everyone in my courses is amiable and enthusiastic, the classmates are willing to help each other with their studies.”

Live interaction with teachers & after school support

The student receives support from her teacher and cannot believe they have never actually met in person. Hanna knows she can count on after school support if she has any difficulties with assignments. “I send my teacher questions on Moodle, Gmail or through Academic Support, then discuss it until I find the answer.” She also connected with other classmates to discuss topics.

Student feels engaged, motivated and happy with her achievements

Hanna says she had fun learning remotely. “Thanks to Mrs. Inozemtsava’s enthusiasm and with the help of my classmates, my grades improved significantly.”

Hanna has been honored with a Character Award. “Mrs. Inozemtsava did not only teach me knowledge, but also her approach to teaching inspired me. I have become a more creative student and a better critical thinker. I am ecstatic to be a part of CIC.”