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Inspiration From Education

By September 12, 2019No Comments

For 15 years, Heather Tremble worked in the business community when she decided to embark on a new journey towards the educational world.  Heather has found great joy teaching in the classroom as the Business Teacher at Columbia International College (CIC).

Heather succeeded in obtaining a university degree and several other degrees including her MBA and her Master’s degree in Economics.  Heather worked for consulting and entrepreneurial companies, banks and marketing related work in the business community.  But then Heather would decide to make the change and work in the educational realm.  She began to realize that being an educator would provide her with opportunities she could have never imagined.

“I became inspired to see how education could transform lives.”

For Heather, being a teacher is about creating a smarter and more caring world. “When I became a parent, I became inspired to to see how education could change lives. I saw that effective teachers have to be passionate to motivate students to expand their minds,”says Heather.  One of Heather’s main focus has always been to create an inclusive classroom.  With that, Heather saw an opportunity in her classroom for personal interaction with the students through peer tutoring.

Over the last 12 years as a teacher at CIC, Heather has grown personally and has created new strategies to help motivate the students in a subject matter like accounting.  “I do a lot of peer tutoring and I give students a lot of input and advice on universities and the different things they can do,” says Heather. “Peer tutoring has helped me to get to know students who are excelling and those who need help.  I ensure that everyone receives lots of support and help in my classrooms. I make sure that my students are successful.”

” I know that I have the ability to inspire and so that’s the kind of magic that I bring to the classroom.”

Heather finds inspiration and interest in people who have pushed forward to build a path for others.  People who have stepped up as leaders such as Eleanor Roosevelt and David Johnston are people that inspire Heather.  “Becoming a teacher you also become a leader.  I think what I saw moving from the business world to the educational one, was the importance of leadership versus management.  I know that I have the ability to inspire and so that’s the kind of magic that I bring to the classroom in a duller subject,” says Heather.

By providing care for her students, Heather notes how many of them stay in touch with her when they go off to university.  Heather laughs and says, “I’ll get e-mails and texts about how to solve accounting problems and I am more than happy to help them. But I also get students who come back to CIC and visit me and that is an absolute joy.”

Heather explains her admiration for students who travel overseas to pursue their higher education.  Heather smiles and says, “Over the years, it’s brought me happiness to see students excel in their studies and get into universities. I am so proud of all the students at CIC.”

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