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Jeremy GaleaJeremy Galea
ESL Department Head
OCT, B.A. Comb Hons, B.Ed.,

Jeremy Galea earned his Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Toronto and his Bachelor of Arts Combined Honours degree from the University of Western Ontario. With an interest in archaeology, he worked as a Field Archaeologist in Southwestern Ontario before pursuing a career in education.

With a passion for travelling, Mr. Galea has visited 25 countries, including 7 years that he spent in Japan where he taught English and managed an international program. Upon his return to Canada, Mr. Galea became the Director of a specialized school for adults with special needs before joining the team at Columbia.

As the Department Head for English as a Second Language and International Languages, Mr. Galea says “Learning a new language can be a challenging endeavour for anyone, which is why we have a number of academic support options available to students. These include: afterschool computer lab and class extension, teachers’ support hours and evening residence tutorials. I believe students who want to improve their English skills appreciate these options and benefit greatly from our committed staff. There is a bursary in place which is awarded each semester to the ESL student who makes the greatest progress as a result of academic support.”