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Twins Kick Off New Semester On A Positive Note

By May 17, 2024June 11th, 2024No Comments

Our six-week May Semester kicked off on May 15th! We’ve warmly welcomed new students from various corners of the world, including Ryan (right) and Matthew, twins who just joined CIC’s Grade 10.

From day one, they’ve embraced the new environment with optimism and determination, setting their sights on ambitious goals ahead.

So far, Ryan has achieved a perfect score of 100% in Physical Education and an impressive 97% in Science. Meanwhile, Matthew is learning ESL English and gearing up for the academic courses awaiting him.


“CIC offers ESL courses specifically designed for non-English-speaking students, which enables us to improve our English skills faster.

My new semester is going well so far, and I‘m determined to enhance my speaking skills. I often stutter in front of groups and sometimes can’t find my words. Therefore, I plan to chat more with other students and actively prepare for the speech tasks assigned by the teacher.

As twins, we are mostly consistent, though we have different personalities and future goals.

We hope to participate in more school activities and help others.”


“Because CIC has great resources and teachers, We can receive a good education here. I feel good here, the classmates and teachers are very friendly.

My brother and I both love playing basketball, but we have different goals. Our parents are confident that we can adapt and integrate into CIC.

I plan to make friends and get involved in CIC by volunteering and joining clubs. My English speaking ability is not good, so I plan to make more friends to practice it. Just do my best in everything!”

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