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Twin Sisters Secure Prestigious University Acceptances and Stunning Scholarship Packages

By January 4, 2024January 8th, 2024No Comments

A huge Congratulations to Sylvia and Sophia Wu! The twin sisters at CIC have secured early acceptance offers from the same prestigious universities, along with stunning scholarship packages.


  • New York University, Pre-law | Scholarship of USD 84,800
  • The Hong Kong Polytech University, Management and Marketing


  • New York University, Economics with Mathematics | Scholarship of USD 86,000
  • The Hong Kong Polytech University, Management and Marketing

How could you have secured such generous scholarships?

For many U.S. universities and others worldwide, they emphasize your personality and passion.

Beyond academics, we won entrepreneurial competitions, including the Model Entrepreneur Competition hosted by Columbia University and the Genius Olympiad hosted by Rochester University.

Through these competitions, we enhanced our skills in public speaking, crucial for business competitions. Additionally, we received feedback from professional judges.

Additionally, we manage social media focused on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), We are also engaged in various activities, including fencing, internships, vlogging, and contributing to community events like the Santa 5K and the Terry Fox run.

How does having a twin sister by your side mean in your CIC journey?

Having a twin sister is truly special! It provides a significant advantage, facilitating a quicker integration into CIC with family members around.

How would you summarize your CIC experience?

Our experience at CIC has been fantastic. The teachers are super nice and always ready to help with any questions or concerns.

Despite the pressures of Grade 12, CIC also offers various activities and trips that provide a break from the routine of homework and tests.

Any advice for future CIC students?

Participate in as many activities and clubs as possible, especially those provided by the school

Make sure to visit the University Placement Office (UPO). The counselors are friendly and willing to assist you, whether you need help with essays or preparing for an interview.

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