When sending children abroad, parents often worry if their child will be able to adjust to a new way of learning and adapt to a new language. Going beyond good teaching and well-designed courses to help students excel in the North American education system, our Total Care® Learning system provides extensive learning support and a conducive learning environment. From day one, these extra elements provide essential support and help students adjust to the North American way of education, and maximize their potential to succeed and go higher than they thought possible.

Students with at least Form 2/ Sec. 1/ Junior Middle 2 are eligible to apply.

Excellence in Academics & Leadership

  • Emphasis on conduct, leadership training and high academic standards
  • Students are taught to internalize self-discipline, to accept and take responsibility for their actions
  • Class attendance is recorded; absences are tracked and reported daily

Extra Help to Ensure Success

Students who are identified to be in need of extra help are assisted by the Academic Support Program. It is offered during school, after class, and in residence and is provided by:

  • Subject Teachers
  • Staff Tutors in school
  • Staff Tutors in residence
  • Student Mentors
  • Peer Tutors

Effective Learning for Students

  • Experienced and qualified teachers are passionate about their students’ academic achievements and are attentive to their students’ ASEP needs
  • Classroom interaction with teachers is strongly encouraged and participation is rewarded
  • Encouraged and participation is rewarded Final assessments constitute, at most, 30%, of final marks
  • Curriculum offers a comprehensive and solid foundation for higher learning

State-of-the-Art Facilities

  • Well-equipped Chemistry, Physics, and Biology labs for hands-on learning
  • Modern language labs for ESL students to practice English skills
  • Open computer lab for studentduring school hours
  • Media Lab equipped with iMac’s
  • Drama room, art room and music room

The Credits You Need to Get to University, Offered When You Need Them

Education Recieved Maximum Credits Recognized Need to Study Mid-Aug – Dec Jan – Mid-May Mid-May – June July – Mid-Aug Mid-Aug – Dec Jan – Mid-May Mid-May – June July – Mid-Aug Sep
Completed Grade 12 with Diploma/Exam Certificate 24 Credits 6 Credits 3 Credits 3 Credits Holiday Holiday Enter University
Completed Grade 11 23 Credits 7 Credits 4 Credits 3 Credits Holiday Holiday Enter University
Completed Grade 10 16 Credits 14 Credits 4 Credits 4 Credits 2 Credits Holiday 4 Credits Enter University
Completed Grade 9 8 Credits 22 Credits 4 Credits 4 Credits Holiday Holiday 4 Credits 4 Credits 2 Credits Holiday Enter University
Completed Grade 8 0 Credits 30 Credits