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University Partners For Your Advantage

imgAcadiaPersonDr. RAYMOND E.IVANY


“Columbia’s students are well prepared to succeed at Acadia, where a liberal arts education prepares them for the complex world ahead ”

For Columbia Graduates:
2 designated Entrance Scholarhips (2 x $3,000)

Bachelor’s Degree
Master’s Degree

Acadia University® is one of Canada’s premiere undergraduate universities. It is widely recognized for its technology-richteaching, which integrates current technology into students’ everyday learning, enabling them to develop the advanced technological and analytical skills needed to adapt to everchanging work environments.

The university’s state-of-the art facilities support students’ learning and research, while its award- winning professors in the faculties of arts, science, professional studies, and theology get to know and mentor students in ways that offer them incredible opportunities. Acadia students find the university’s environment to be rich and rewarding; Acadia alumni are the proof, as they accomplish important research and pursue outstanding careers worldwide.

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