To transfer to a different test date, you must complete a copy of our transfer form and pay a $80.00 administration fee. You can either mail your paperwork to Columbia International College – Ainsliewood Campus or email us and we will forward the forms you require.  Your request must be submitted within five weeks of the test date.

Test Date Transfer FormRequesting a Refund or Date Change


To request a review of your individual band score and/or the overall score you received on the test report form, you must complete our appeal form, and pay a $225 review fee. You can submit your paperwork in person at Columbia College’s Ainslewood Campus and pay the review fee at Columbia’s External Testing Office. You can also submit your paperwork and a money order or certified cheque for $225 CAD (payable to Columbia International College) by mail. Your request must be submitted within six weeks of the test date.

All information related to your request for review will be sent from Columbia’s Test Centre to IELTS Australia within one week. The review is conducted by a senior IELTS examiner. If the examiner determines that your score should stay the same, we will keep your review fee. If the review results in an increase to your score, your review fee will be refunded and revised test report forms will be sent to you and all the institutions that received original copies of your test results.

The review process may take two to three weeks from receipt of your request.

Appeal Form


You can receive up to five free copies of your test results, which will be sent to the Canadian and international institutions you listed on your application form. Additional copies may be ordered for $25.00 per copy. You can submit your request by email ( or mail.  If you are submitting by mail, send your order form and a certified cheque or money order (in Canadian dollars) payable to Columbia International College. Requests for additional test results must be submitted within two years of your test date. You cannot order any extra copies of your test results for personal use.

Test Results Order Form

If you want to contact us by mail:

1003 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario  L8S 4P3

If you want to contact us by email:


The IELTS whistle-blowing policy is intended to encourage and promote honest and ethical behavior by providing a framework for test takers and other stakeholders to escalate concerns about actual, suspected or anticipated wrongdoing (malpractice) within the IELTS Test Partners (British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia, Cambridge Assessment English) and within IELTS USA.

Under the policy, test takers and other stakeholders are able to report instances, or suspected instances, of unethical, improper, unlawful or undesirable conduct without fear of intimidation or reprisal.
This policy applies to all IELTS test takers and to other stakeholders. We act in the best interest of anyone who reports suspected wrongdoing under this policy to protect them from adverse reaction and the public disclosure of their identity.

If you have reasonable grounds for believing that wrongdoing has occurred, or is likely to occur, within the IELTS Test Partners (British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia, Cambridge Assessment English) or within IELTS USA, please report it by using the online report form at