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COVID Updates

Guaranteed Learning (Fall 2020 Semester)

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May 21, 2020

Dear Students, Parents and Partners,


Guaranteed Learning


CIC is strongly committed to the safety and well being of our students and staff.  As we navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19, we are making appropriate changes to our typical August semester to support student learning.

New and returning Columbia students will begin their August class learning:

  • Remotely online using the Google Education Suite (Google Classroom), or
  • In our physical classrooms in Hamilton, Ontario if the situation permits.

Possible reasons that may delay students learning in our physical classroom:

  1. The daily incidence of COVID-19 new cases is still high around the world, including the Province of Ontario;
  2. A travel ban imposed by students’ home government preventing them from leaving the country;
  3. A ban imposed by the Canadian government of students entering Canada;
  4. The unreasonably high costs of flights or lack of availability of flights into Canada; and
  5. Student visas being delayed due to embassy closures and/or backlogs.

Students can start their courses remotely online if they cannot be physically present in Hamilton.

2020 August Semester Program:

  • 8 weeks of learning from August to October
  • 2 courses with both synchronous and asynchronous learning time scheduled daily.

2020 October Semester Program:

  • 8 weeks of learning from October to December
  • It is probable that students will experience two weeks of quarantine upon arrival in our residences – and students can continue to participate fully in their classrooms during this time using Google Classroom.
  • If the current pandemic situation improves during this time, students are encouraged to travel to CIC in early October (while learning remotely) in order to prepare for attendance at our CIC physical school in Hamilton.
  • When students are able to safely return to our physical school, given the teaching and learning model we have, CIC will be able to continue to provide the learning opportunity for both:
    • students that are here in Hamilton and
    • students who are overseas in the process of making arrangements to join CIC in Hamilton.
  • Our Lesson Mirroring Model of teaching and learning in October below is designed:
    • To enable students to learn the same lesson, from the same teacher, whether they are overseas or at CIC in Hamilton
    • For students who need to make travel arrangements to CIC in Hamilton
    • To minimize disruption to learning for students who are travelling
  • Students will be learning from the same teachers while overseas and upon arrival at CIC in Hamilton


Lesson Mirroring Model Students Overseas Students in CIC, Hamilton
AM Synchronous online learning with your CIC classroom teacher in google classroom



Class 1 : 8:30- 10:00

Class 2: 10:15 to 11:45

In physical classroom at AW with your CIC classroom teacher

equipped with Camera and Microphone for Students Overseas


Class 1 : 8:30- 10:00

Class 2: 10:15 to 11:45

PM Asynchronous learning

requirement at home

Return to residence for asynchronous learning


  • The timeline for the implementation of this Lesson Mirroring Model is subject to change depending on the development of the COVID-19 situation around the world and in the Province of Ontario. We are hopeful that, following the good advice of WHO and the Public Health authorities of Canada and the Province of Ontario, that we are able to begin face-to-face classes in our Academic buildings in October.

Google Classroom:

  • Begin learning remotely in August with CIC teachers using Google Education Suite (Google Classroom) with synchronous time with our teachers throughout every morning and afternoon study.
  • Our Google Classrooms offer our students an opportunity to engage daily with their teacher and classmates in a rich learning environment where students are expected to actively participate in learning conversations and collaborative group activities.

Study Permit & Travel

  • If the COVID-19 crisis subsides, students are strongly encouraged to join us in Hamilton in early October in order to be present in the event that we are able to return to our physical classrooms in mid-October. More information to follow as it becomes available.
  • Please continue with your Study Permit/Visa process with Immigration Canada (IRCC) in preparation for arriving to attend classes at CIC.
  • Students whose Study Permits have already been approved, must ensure travel arrangements are in place to arrive at CIC.
  • Students should join CIC in Hamilton when travel and the COVID-19 environment have become safer. When it is safe to travel, we recommend the following arrival times:
    • Early October to begin study face to face in October semester
    • Mid December to begin study face to face in January semester.

Safety Precautions

  • When face to face classes resume at CIC, all safety guidelines from the Federal and Provincial Public Health authorities will be observed and followed. In addition, CIC will keep parents and students informed of the extra precautionary & safety measures we are going to implement as the situation develops.

The Value of Total Care Education:

  • The very same Total Care that CIC is renowned for these past 40 years will continue to play an integral role in your child’s success while learning remotely. In addition to the excellent support of our classroom teachers, the Total Care Staff from all CIC departments will also support all students during their remote studies to ensure their success and provide peace of mind.
  • Students will be provided Total Care support from:
  • Admissions and Liaison Officers
  • Guidance Counsellors
  • University Placement Counsellors
  • Tutoring
  • Medical Staff & Wellness Counsellors
  • Student Development
  • Google Coach and IT
  • Campus Safety
  • Vice Principal/Principal
  • Curriculum Leaders & Academic Staff
  • Upon arrival, houseparents and residence staff

Semesters & Programs at a glance:


 Up to 4 Courses

Aug to Oct Oct to Dec
8 weeks 8 weeks
Course 1 (8:30am-10:00 am synchronous)
+ 90 minutes asynchronous learning time daily.
Course 3  (8:30am-10:00am synchronous)
+ 90 minutes asynchronous learning time daily.
Course 2 (10:15am-11:45am synchronous)
+ 90 minutes asynchronous learning time daily.
Course 4  (10:15am-11:45am synchronous)
+ 90 minutes asynchronous learning time daily.

ESL (English as a Second Language)

 Up to 4 Courses

Aug. to Sept. (4 Weeks per level) Sept. to Oct. (4 Weeks per level)
ESL: 8:30am – 11:45am synchronous learning
+ 180 minutes asynchronous learning daily.
ESL: 8:30am – 11:45am synchronous learning
+ 180 minutes asynchronous learning daily.
Placement = ESLEO
Each ESL Level: 8:30am – 10:00am synchronous learning + 90 minutes asynchronous learning daily.
Academic Course: 10:15am – 11:45am synchronous learning
+ 90 minutes asynchronous learning daily.

ESL Notes:

  1.  More detail regarding placement and progression of ESL students is available with the Admissions Dept. and Principal.
  2. October to December at a glance to be provided as needed to specific students

Junior Middle School (JMS – Grade 8 class)

September to December
16 weeks
JMS: 8:30am-11:45 am synchronous + 180 minutes asynchronous learning time daily.

***When ESL & Academic programming returns to the physical classroom, so will our JMS program.


During the time of remote learning at home:

●     CIC’s charges will be revised only to reflect Tuition Fee and Internet/Technology Fee.

●     Fee items that have already been paid but unused, will be disbursed at the time when students physically arrive at CIC.

Please note that this correspondence reflects information that we have at this time. With the situation continually evolving, directives from the various levels of government may change and therefore Columbia International College may also have to alter our programs and policies accordingly. We are committed to providing up to date communication to our CIC community.


Yours in Education,


William Ironside                                                                                               Clement Chan

Principal                                                                                                          Executive Director


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