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August Orientation

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August Orientation

Orientation and Registration is now in full swing at Columbia. For the past week, staff members, teachers, and current students have been welcoming new students and parents from across the world to both our school and the City of Hamilton.

Students and parents have been attending a three-day orientation program designed to inform them of school policies and the academic structure while giving them opportunities to have one-on-one meetings with staff, such as Guidance Councellors and Liaison Officers. They have also been touring residence and learning about all the exciting extracurricular and residence programming available.

Orientation concludes on Friday, August 14 but students are encouraged to speak with any member of our staff if they have questions or concerns. Listed below are a few common questions:

I missed my assigned Orientation Day what can I do? 
For a new date or changes and inquiries contact:
• Mrs. Dorrette Joseph, Admissions Manager, Ainsliewood Building, Room 163, 905-572-7883 x 2801

What if I slept in and missed the bus?
• 8 am: The Orientation will begin each day in the Ainsliewood gym
• 10 am: The latest time to arrive at the school before you will be marked absent
• Students marked absent will need to arrange another day to complete their Orientation. See Mrs. Dorrette Joseph in room 163 of the Ainsliewood Building

I arrived after Orientation week (Aug6-14) what should I do?
Students must report to the Academic Office in the Ainsliewood Building for Orientation and Registration arrangements.

I have already tested in my home country, do I have to go to Orientation?
Yes. Students who are tested overseas are still required to attend the entire Orientation. They will have an alternate schedule.

Are my parents allowed to attend Orientation?
Yes. All parents are welcome to attend Orientation and Registration. They will have the opportunity to have meetings with various Columbia Staff including the Executive Director, Principal, and Residence Manager.

We look forward to welcoming all of our new students!

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