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Safety tips for students

By September 4, 2014September 2nd, 2015No Comments

Stoplight The safety of students and staff at Columbia International College is our highest priority. We want to ensure that everyone practices proper safety techniques and avoids preventable injuries. We also want to ensure that our students know, understand, and obey local street and traffic rules. As such we want to remind students of simple practices to follow when crossing the street from Maple to Ainsliewood, or any street in Hamilton;

• Cross the street ONLY at marked crosswalks and intersections and ONLY when the ‘Walk’ signal is displayed
Pay extra attention when walking in a construction zone
Look left, right, and left again before crossing – vehicles need extra time to slow down and stop in winter conditions
Be visible to drivers at night by wearing brightly coloured clothing and accessories
Avoid shortcuts and walk on designated paths and sidewalks
Pay attention to your surroundings
Be alert when crossing the street – put cell phones and music away
Follow directions from Campus Safety when loading buses and entering and exiting the school buildings

Following these safety tips is a simple way students can ensure their own safety when travelling around the city. Providing safety tips is one of the many ways Columbia is ensuring that the school remains a safe place to learn and grow.

Students with any safety concerns are encouraged to speak with a member of the. The new Campus Safety office is located at the front of the Ainsliewood building.

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