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University Partners For Your Advantage

H John HarkerH. John Harker, LL.D.
Cape Breton University®

“Cape Breton University® is proud partner of Columbia International College. The commitment to students through their Total Care Education System® provides a solid foundation to students looking for further study in Canada. We have been pleased with how prepared CIC graduates have been when entering our institution”

Designated Scholarship of $2,000 for students
Students with an average of 85% or above qualify for CBU entrance scholarships

Certificate programs
Bachelor’s Degree
Master’s Degree

Located in the picturesque island of Cape Breton, CBU is a dynamic young university with about 3,000 students. Its small classes sizes and student-facility ratio enhances its personalized approach to education and allows it to focus on quality academic and research excellence. Consequently, it was voted #1 in Graduate satisfaction.

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