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University Partners For Your Advantage

Tim McTiemanDr. Tim McTiernan

“UOIT’s excellent career-focused degree programs, leading-edge educational technology, and safe and friendly environment attract students from around the world. We look forward to welcoming Columbia graduates into our campus community each year.”

For Columbia Graduates: 2 designated Entrance Scholarships (2 x $2,000)
In lieu of TOEFL, all Columbia graduates with Pre-U English marks of 70%+ are eligible for admission

Bachelor’s Degree
Master’s Degree
Doctoral Degree

UOIT is defined by its dynamic leading-edge learning environment, diverse and innovative programs, globally-experienced faculty, inter-disciplinary research activities, and extensive student life opportunities. UOIT is a leader among North American universities in implementing and using course and industry-specific software for laptop learning. Therefore students graduate with the high-tech skills that are in demand in the new economy. Over the years, hundreds of students from nearly 70 countries have been drawn to UOIT.

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