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University Partners For Your Advantage

Dr. Amit ChakmaDr. Amit Chakma
Western University

“We are very pleased to partner with Columbia International College as part of our broader efforts to attract talented and highly motivated students to oucampus. We welcome Columbia graduates, who are among the brightest students in Canada.”

For Columbia Graduates: 3 designated entrance scholarships to the top three graduates who register at Western’s main campus each year, at a value that will be $1,000 higher than publishd admission scholarship values. Students with a final admission average of 88% or above, as calculated by Western and including pre-requisite courses, are guaranteed an admission scholarship.

Bachelor’s Degree
Master’s Degree
Doctoral Degree

For the past nine years, Western University has ranked first in Canada in the national Canadian University Report Card for “most satisfied students” through its unique combination of worldclass academic programs and exceptional cocurricular activities. Western has more 3M National award- winning professors, with exceptional contributions to teaching and learning, than any other school in Ontario and ranks second in Canada.

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