Total Care Education System ®

We believe that truly caring about our students helps foster strong values, a sense of character, and instills them with the courage to pursue their dreams. Based on our commitment to our students’ well-being, health and success, and to realize our vision to be the most caring school, we created the Total Care Education System®.

Unique to Columbia International College, the Total Care Education System® is designed to nurture international students in four areas essential to their growth and success. We pride ourselves on being able to provide round-the-clock support, seven days a week. Parents can rest assured that their child is safe, happy, and therefore able to reach their full potential.


Total Care

Academic Potential

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Total Care

Character Development

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Total Care

Living Experiences

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Total Care Communication®

Family Connections

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An Education Built on Holistic Care

Success at school takes more than just brain power. Research shows that a child’s complete needs are Academic, Social, Emotional and Physical (ASEP). CIC is the only institution in Canada providing comprehensive care for the unique ASEP needs of international students in a one-school, one-system centralized manner. ASEP is the cornerstone of CIC’s Total Care Education System.

Academic excellence

A modern curriculum taught by acclaimed staff sets students on the path to the universities of their choice.

A rich, diverse experience

A full life of sports, clubs, volunteering, events and leadership coaching keep students active and developing the social skills critical to their growth into adulthood.

Health and safety

Nutritious meals, nurses on-site, professional campus security and constant attention from residence staff ensure students are always looked after.

Early ASEP Assessment

ASEP assessments are reviewed weekly to identify high achievers and those who need more support.

Around the Clock Care

For young people to grow up healthy, happy and motivated, it requires constant attention to their academic, social, emotional and physical needs. CIC’s entire staff is dedicated to providing for the complete needs of our students, at all times, similar to the way their parents would. Here are just a few examples of our ASEP Care:


10 pm


8 am


9 am


9 pm


7 pm


11 am

4 Daily

1 pm


6 pm


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3 pm

What "Care" Means to CIC

At Columbia International College:

  • Caring is the time we invest in the dreams of our students, so that we might better guide and support them on their journey to success
  • Caring is the environment we create to nurture the health of our students and to keep them safe
  • Caring is a proactive attitude – anticipating the needs of our students and taking the right actions to keep them focused on worthwhile goals
  • Caring is an attentive ear that listens without judgment
  • Caring is the interdisciplinary team that supports a student through life’s dif cult times, just as a parent would
  • Caring demands our best efforts and resourcesWe believe that truly caring about our students helps foster strong values, a sense of character, and instills them with the courage to pursue their dreams.

Caring Across the Entire Journey

From the moment they apply to study with us, to the day they graduate, CIC is set up to make sure students track to their full potential, and ultimately their long-term goals – be it entrance to a particular university, or beyond. Here’s how CIC helps each student at each step of their journey:


Application & Admission

  • Recognize all prior academic levels
  • Grant equivalent credits
  • Offer various levels of ESL, Math and Sciences
  • Credit system to facilitate a personalized program of study

Settling in on Campus

  • Airport arrival meeting service
  • Individual study desks and closets for each student
  • Brand new pillow and comforter for new students
  • First semester roommates matched based on regional compatibility (culture/language)
  • New lock to secure personal safe keeping drawer in room
  • Free cell phone SIM card so students can
    reconnect with families and friends

Orientation & Registration

  • School Orientation Week for all new students
  • Orientation activities designed to foster new friendships
  • Residence Orientation Month
  • Diagnostic tests to assist in class placement

Daily living

  • Up to 23 meals a week by Sodexo, a world renowned professional food service
  • Availability of special meals based on religion or other dietary needs
  • Door-to-door school bus service
  • Nurses on-site at residences every day of the week
  • On-campus after-school sports programs and other activities

Staying Connected

  • Dedicated, high-speed Wi-Fi internet in school and residence buildings
  • Multilingual Admissions & liaison staff facilitate communication with both students and parents

Well rounded education

  • After-class tutoring by teachers, daily evening tutoring in residence by special tutors and peers and online tutoring
  • Circle of Care monitors student performance and provides extra care for those who need attention
  • Character building, leadership training & experiential learning
  • Community service opportunities, sports, clubs, and other events
  • Ongoing Counselling service for those in need


  • One-on-one guidance counselling to develop and monitor individualized study plan
  • Career aptitude survey to help students in career planning
  • Skills improvement workshops
  • Online EZreport card is available to parents anytime, anywhere

Preparing for university entrance

  • University Placement Office to help navigate application and selection process
  • On-site information seminars for graduating students by representatives of major Canadian universities
  • Seminars, workshops and one-on-one sessions to advise graduating students on making university choices
  • Exclusive admission advantages for graduating students offered by our University Partners Program