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Club Fair 2015

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Club Fair is back at Columbia!

Twice a year, during the school’s largest intakes, Columbia holds a Club Fairwhere students are given the opportunity to join many great extracurricular clubs and residence activities. Over 70 clubs are profiled and students will be able to register for two clubs during the regular sign-up period.

The Student Development department is holding a Club Information session on Tuesday, January 13 for students to learn about what clubs are being offered this semester. Club sign-up will begin on Wednesday, January 14. Details for both days are listed below:

Tuesday, January 13 – Club Information Sessions

Information Session Time Location
Ainsliewood Clubs 4pm-5pm Ainsliewood Gym
Pine Hall Girls Clubs 7pm-8pm Pine Hall Girls Gymnasium
Pine Hall Boys Clubs 7pm-8pm Pine Hall Basement

Wednesday, January 14 – Club Sign-up

Club Sign-up Time Location
Ainsliewood 4pm-5pm Ainsliewood Gym *2 club sign-up limit*
Pine Hall Girls 7pm-8pm Pine Hall Girls Gymnasium
Pine Hall Boys 7pm-8pm Pine Hall Basement

Club Requirements
At Columbia, students are required to register for a certain number of clubs. Club requirements are as follows:

Grade Level # of Clubs Required
Grade 9 4
Grade 10 & 11 2
Grade 12 1 + University Prep Club = 2

More Clubs
Student interested in joining more than two clubs can drop by the Student Development Office on Thursday, January 15 between the hours 9am-5pmto sign-up for additional clubs that are not yet full.

All clubs will begin on Thursday, January 15, 2015. Student should check the start time and location with their club leader.

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