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Go Hungry and Feel Good

By January 21, 2016No Comments

famineOn Fri. Mar. 4 and Sat. Mar 5, Columbia International College students are joining the youth around the world in the 30 Hour Famine to help stop hunger. Due to the popularity of this event, we will be doing a lottery style sign-up. Please read  the sign-up procedure carefully.


• Event initiated by World Vision to raise money and awareness to help end hunger

• Students will raise $50, abstain from solid food for 30 hours, and participate in the educational activities on Fri. Mar. 4 & Sat. Mar. 5

• If completed successfully, each participant will receive 20 hours of community service

• For more information, go to or visit the Student Development Office in room S244.

Who Can Sign-Up?

• Maximum of 200 students
• Only students who haven’t done the 30 Hour Famine at CIC before

Sign-Up Procedure

1.    Thurs. Jan. 28 or Fri. Jan. 29 (between 9am-5pm in S244):

• Option A: Sign-up individually for the lucky draw
• Option B: Sign-up in a group of 2-3 friends for the lucky draw (your group must come to sign-up at the same time)
• You can only put your name in the lucky draw once

2.    Mon. Feb. 1 at 4pm:
• Check Room S244 to see if your name  or group was chosen in the lucky draw
• If your name is on the list, sign-up for a training session with Ms. Chelsea no later than 5pm on Tues. Feb. 2.

3.    Attend your training session
• If you do not attend the training, you will be removed from the event

Important: No reminders or call slips will be sent to students throughout this process.

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