Students have different learning styles and we understand the importance of offering extended learning support to meet their varying academic needs.

Personal Success Plan (PSP)

Columbia’s exclusive Personalized Success Plan (PSP) ensures students maintain a healthy balance between their studies and extracurricular activities.

Using the ASEP assessment scores, our educators design a PSP for each student by taking into consideration their academic responsibilities, as well as their need for relaxation and social interaction.

Throughout the semester, this team continues to review and adjust students’ PSP and guides them on:

  • Number of courses to take each semester
  • Duration of time to complete their academic program
  • Selection of courses to meet their personal interests and career goals
  • Their performance in each course
  • Clubs, leadership opportunities and sports to support their overall development
  • Their post-secondary options

Maximizing Student Potential

Columbia believes in maximizing the potential of all students and offers academic support to achieve this.

Early Identification

  • Teachers identify students who require academic support within the first 2 weeks of classes and adjust their PSP accordingly

Continued Recognition

  • For every unit taught during the semester, teachers identify students who require extra help and recommend them for a two-week intensive Academic Support Program.

Junior Middle School

  • Students are assessed daily and enrolled into the appropriate Academic Support Program
  • Teachers customize Academic Support plans within each subject to improve the areas that are challenging for students
  • Gives the option to participate in the Reach Ahead Program

Gifted students

  • Provided more challenging questions to practice and expand their learning scope
  • Guided to select and participate in extracurricular and volunteer activities that will add to their personal portfolio and increase their chances of admissions to top rated universities
  • Recommended for the AP (Advanced Placement) program at Columbia

A Variety of Resources

Academic Support is conveniently available to all students, anytime of the day.

e-Tutor Enhances Learning
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Anytime
At School In Residence Online
During and after the School Day After school and on weekends Online e-Tutor forum
Teachers / Staff Tutors

Student Mentors

Peer Tutors
Staff Tutors

Student Mentors

Peer Tutors
Subject Teachers

Study Facilities

At School

Students have access to state-of-the-art study facilities wherever they are. On campus facilities include the Study and Tutoring Centre at the Living Wall Lounge. This area caters to different learning types by providing students with rooms for individual study, group study, and tutoring.


  • In-residence, study rooms are located on each floor.
  • Mandatory homework period with houseparents who communicate progress with teachers (JMS).

Online Tutoring for All Students

Columbia’s eTutor website is an online learning platform where teachers and students can interact conveniently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

e-Tutor Enhances Learning

  • Students have access to additional online resources and educational materials posted by their teachers which include:
    • Further explanations on topics covered in class
    • Extra practice exercises
  • Students can conveniently post questions or ask for further clarification on course material when doing their homework in residence or at home.
  • Subject Teachers on duty at selected times are able answer questions immediately.

We empower all students to maximize their learning potential by taking advantage of the multifaceted Academic Support we offer here.

Renuka Arun, Head of Business and Guidance