Giving students a head start with Columbia’s world class Junior Middle School (JMS).

Columbia recognizes that students in the Grade 7 and 8 streams have their own unique learning styles and intellectual abilities. Our Junior Middle School enables students to continue building on the essential values and skills learnt at home, so they develop good character and become confident, well- rounded young adults.

Character focused projects are incorporated into academics and extracurricular activities to challenge students to put character into action, helping them become responsible global citizens.

2 Intakes Per Year
For intakes outside of September and February, please contact our admissions office.

  • Term 1: September
  • Term 2: January-February

Students with at least primary 6 are eligible to apply

English Language & Writing Support Program

Columbia understands that each young student differs in their English language abilities.
We have developed a system to support those students who may require a more focused approach to learning English while studying at the JMS level.
English language support helps young students build the reading, writing, comprehension, speaking and listening skills necessary for success within the JMS program.
This program further helps students transition into the academic curriculum at the high school level.

  • Intensive English Preparation Course
  • Offered before the beginning of each JMS academic school year.
  • English and Literacy Media Courses
  • Students apply their knowledge and skills in English (oral communication, reading, writing) to learning in all subject areas.
  • Intensive Private Tutorial Support
  • Opportunities for English vocabulary development, reading comprehension, writing and conversational skills are integrated into the daily timetable.
  • Literacy MediaUses higher – order thinking skills
  • Music
  • Literacy MediaUses higher – order thinking skills
  • Unique to Columbia
  • School to Residence Support for English learning
  • Structured homework time in residence where designated houseparents provide assistance with language learning and conversational skills.
  • “Forest of Reading” program
  • Students develop independent reading skills and inquiry-based research skills based on project topics related to their reading choices.
  • Assessment of English Proficiency
  • Academic support plans are developed by classroom teachers to monitor and to help individual students focus on, and improve, English language skills within each subject area.

11 Core Subjects

  • English
  • French
  • Math
  • Physical Education
  • History
  • Dramatic Arts and Dance
  • Science and Technology
  • Computer and Information Technology
  • Emphasis on Character Building
  • Geography
  • Visual Arts

Our enriching and supportive environment develops students’ personal strengths and self-confidence. We invite students to realize their potential through the Junior-Middle School experience at Columbia International College.

Denice Garell-Teti Head of Junior Middle School

ABC’s of JMS Program

The JMS program develops student’s AcademicBehavioural, and Communication skills.

A, Academic Programming fosters:

  • Critical and higher order thinking skills
  • Strong work ethic for academic achievement
  • Personal goal setting and self-reflection
  • Commitment to good character
  • Creativity and self-confidence

B, Behaviour is shaped through extracurricular activities designed to teach:

  • Cooperation and respect for others
  • Responsibility and leadership
  • Effective communication
  • Good personal choices that contribute to healthy living skills

C, Communication and Care provides students with:

  • Attentive teachers who support academic and personal development
  • Houseparents that provide ongoing support from school to residence
  • Compassionate medical staff to ensure physical and emotional well-being
  • Multilingual liaison staff to help students to adjust to new living and learning environments
  • Head of School to offer guidance and parental assurance on progress